Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poring Hot Spring - Released body & soul

Poring Hot Spring is another one of the most tourists attraction because of it famous with its sulphur baths which is said to be good for skin deseases in Sabah. This sanctuary is part of Kinabalu National Park and located about 40 km from Kinabalu National Park Head Quarters in Kundasang. This area was first developed by Japanese during World War II. The phrase 'Poring' is Dusun's word means bamboo. The legend tells long time ago, there was a giant bamboo grows abundantly in this area. Therefore, this area given name by the local people as Poring until now.

The natural hot spring in Poring is perfect to soothe tired and aching muscles after the long climb up Mount Kinabalu. It houses open-air bathtubs, indoor and Jacuzzi-style bathtubs for those who are shy even in soaked tees. For accomodation, Poring offers chalet, cabin and hostel. For more adventurous, Poring also provide a camping area inside the resort.

Visitors not only talking bath here, but also could have an opportunities to see a wide variety of lowland orchids, rare butterflies and birds. Other activities is climbing the canopy walk to experience a bird's eye view of the surrounding rainforest. Visitors also can trek through the lowland forest for the waterfalls, bat cave and bird watching.

Poring Hot Spring can be reach by van or taxi from Kota Kinabalu. It takes about 3 hours journey. Visitor can take van or taxi from Kota Kinabalu and drop at Ranau town. From Ranau town, visitors can take local van or taxi to Poring Hot Spring.